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Hills & Other Unknown Donors Charity

Registered Charity No 206686

WILLIAM HILLES,  Will 16 April 1589

Medieval & Tudor Kent Wills at Lambeth - Book 26  Page 728

WILLIAM HILLES of the parishe of Pluckley and Pevington in Kent being sicke etc. 16 April 31 Elizabeth. To be buried in the church yeard of Pluckley. Vnto Nicholas George, Edward Batcheler and John Adgore to euery of them 3s. 4d. To residue of ye poore of Pluckley 30s. I make George Pixxe my father in lawe executour vnto whom all my moveable goodes to paye my debts etc. I will he shall haue the profitts of all my landes duringe his lief. Vnto Henry Knocke of the parishe of Pevington and Pluckly all my lands in the parishe of Bethersden and now in occupation of Ralf Wells of Bethersden, after the decease of George Pixxe my father vnder condition the saide Henry and his heires imploye the yearly rents vnto the releef of the poorre people inhabitants wtin the parish of Pluckly for ever, alwayes reservinge to the said Henrye and his heires 20s. every yeare for their paines. I will the said rents be paide by Henry Knocke and his heires and distributed by the discretion of the churchwardens of Pluckley (with power to them of entry in default). 

Vnto my cosen Doretye Baker wch dwelleth at Tenterden and all her children £10. Vnto Moses Kempe 6s. 8d., John Longley 10s., Alice Henneker 10s., Mary Cliffe of Apledore 6s. 8d. Vnto euery one of my godchildren 6s. 8d. I freely forgive George Cliffe ye debte that he oweth me, vnder condicon he shall pay Isabell his daughter 10s. I will 10s. be bestowed vppon the Highe way betweene Pevington and Pervill Hill. Vnto foure man that shall carry me vnto the graue 4s. Vnto William Knocke sonne of Henry Knocke 2s. 6d. To Robert Knocke and John Sande and Margret Tyllman euery of them 20d., Widowe Kempe 2s., Luke Hasell 10s. I appoint Henry Knocke overseer. Witnesses: Wm. Posse, Luke Hasell, James Dyve, Daniell Knocke, John Longley. 

Proved 27 June 1589 at Ashford at the Visitation. (266a Whitgift I).

In September 1932, the Hills and Unknown Donor Charity was registered with the Charity Commission with Henry Evenden, Ashley George Homewood, Alfred Dungate, and Lewis Sidney Duncan as the first trustees. This was a combination of the 'Charity known as the Hill's Charity' and 'the Charity of an Unknown Donor.'

The previous trustees for the two charities were the Revd Richard Bevan Pyper and the Churchwardens of Pluckley.

It was laid down that the above mentioned charities and the endowments thereof shall be administered and managed by the body of trustees. The lands are vested in "The Official Trustee of Charity Lands" for all the estate and interest belonging to or held in trust for the charities.

The two parcels of land are rented out and income is received annually. This income was in the past donated to the poor of the parish on St Thomas' Day outside the Black Horse. Latterly this has been donated in the form of vouchers for goods to be purchased in the two village shops between St Thomas' Day and 31 January of the following year.

More recently, due to fewer elderly recipients, it was agreed that bursaries would be made to village youth who found it difficult, or impossible, to participate in school or club activities of an educational nature.

Anyone living in the Parish of Pluckley, and who is in need is entitled to apply to the trustees for financial assistance. The trustees will then meet to consider the application and make whatever donation they feel advisable. This donation would normally be in the form of a voucher. Currently the trustees are: Janet Gwillim, Jackie Grebby, Ann Murray, and Trevor Oliver.

All donations are confidential during the lifetime of the recipient.

The Bacon Charity

Registered Charity No 207963

Mr James Bacon formerly a churchwarden of this parish bequeathed an Annuity of £10 forever to be distributed on New Year’s Day by the Rector in the manner following: Namely ten shillings each to the oldest widows, and twenty shillings each to the oldest married couples of good character, to be selected by the Rector and Churchwardens. The same Donor gave the Sixth Bell in the Belfry and the stained glass East window in the chancel. Edward John Selwyn M.A. Rector.: William Maylam and Thomas Standen, Churchwardens. 1866.

The Bacon Charity is in the CBF Church of England Investment Fund. The capital is kept intact and dividends are deposited in the CBF Church of England Deposit Fund. Interest is also earned on the deposit fund. £50 each year, since 2003, has been distributed with the other parish charity 'Hills and Other Unknown Donors'. This charity is distributed to deserving village members just prior to Christmas each year, in the form of vouchers to be spent at the village shops. The money is limited to members of Pluckley village

The trustees are: Richard Finlinson, Roger Nelson-Smith, and Trevor Oliver

The Pluckley Village Hall

Registered Charity No 302818

The trustees are: Judith Pool, Martin Newman, and Pluckley Parish Council

The Friends of St Nicholas Church, Pluckley

Registered Charity No 1002084

To help and support the vicar, churchwardens and parochial church council of the ecclesiastical of Pluckley to: (a) maintain, repair, renew, enhance and extend the structure and fabric, furnishings and fittings (including without prejudice to the generality of the description "fittings" any organ or other musical instrument or means of music production which may from time to time be within the church and used exclusively in connection therewith) of the said St Nicholas Church, Pluckley. (b) keep in good order and condition and to beautify the churchyard and boundary walls of the said church.

The trustees are: Gill Highward, Jan Campailla, Sue Clapham, Gillian Bushell, Elizabeth Ann Wyndham, Diana Jean Wallis, and Helen Jane Mears